Beach Cruisers And Who Is Suitable For Them

Being active is an essential ingredient of a healthy lifestyle, regardless of the age at which you find yourself right now. Moving around, letting your muscles and your joints work is a perfectly healthy thing and it should not miss from your daily routine, regardless of whether you are 5 or 65. The key to not straining yourself if you are not at your perfect level of fitness is keeping your workouts at the lowest intensity possible, but at the same time keeping them as regular as possible.

Beach cruisers are the bikes of your childhood and, very much likely, the bikes of your parents’ childhood. As a matter of fact, their history goes back to the 1930s, when people couldn’t afford normal bikes and when the cruiser bike was developed as a more affordable and a more durable alternative. Starting with the point of their apparition on the market and up to the 1950s, these beach cruisers were extremely popular for people from all walks of life and although their popularity dropped for a few decades, they came back to the attention of the public at the beginning of the 1990.

So, who are the beach cruisers for? Put simply, they are for everyone: for the passionate mountain biker and for the small kid of your neighbors, for your grandparents and for someone who has never ridden a bike in their life. They are called “cruisers” because they are not as fast as other types of bikes and because they are more of a leisure time-type of bike. Furthermore, they are suitable for various types of budgets, since their main features (affordability and durability) have been maintained ever since the first such bike appeared on the market.

Beach cruisers are definitely not for someone who wants to use them for athletic purposes, but that does not necessarily make them an inefficient work out. As a matter of fact, if you are searching for a way to keep yourself active or for a low-impact workout (just to get your body moving a little), a beach cruiser could be a great option for you.

If you have children, these bikes can be great for teaching them how to ride a bike. Slow, yet comfortable, cruisers are made to resist the falls and the shocks. Moreover, the fact that they are inexpensive is another advantage for those who want to purchase them for their children (especially since as the kids grow up, you will have to change the size of the bike as well).